Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Scrapping :)

Yey I've actually scrapped :) None of them have titles yet though so thought I'd share some older ones I finally finished last night too, lol. They just needed journalling really but I have a tendency to abandon journalling and titles and start another layout istead.
This was one I did to use up lots of leftover letters. It was the first sheet of letters cameron brought home from school so thought it would be nice to keep :)

I had originally planned to put more on this layout but I really liked it with all the white space, few sprits of blue mist and I thought it was done. :) Love this photo of Caitlin, was at Peppa pig world in the water area which she loved. I love how happy she looks running away from the fountains.

Bit of blue misting to make the background a little less plain. :)

Last one, using up the last scraps from an old kit. While we were in the queue to see Santa a couple of years ago Mark decided to teach Caitlin to wink to keep her occupied, they all found it hilarious for some reason lol.

So quite a productive night last night :) Finished these and a few more and did 3 new ones. I think the problem with my mojo was that I was trying to force myself to finish a kit before I started a new one, but I'd get bored of the kit and not want to go back to it. However I've seriously started to run out of paper! Which is good and bad at the same time, lol, so adopting a more 'use what I want to use' approach. :)


  1. Lovely layout and what a fab way to preserve Cameron's work as well as using up lots of leftover letters - great bit to stashbusting xx

  2. Three great layouts and the one with Cameron's letters on it a fantastic idea x


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