Friday, 1 June 2012

My week in photos

I've often seen this on other blogs but never remembered to do it myself, but this week somehow I managed! lol. So this was my week, :) Saturday we got back from Turkey so unfortunatly was all about this. Washing and ironing, bah, never been so glad for sun though as ment I was able to wash and dry 6 loads in one day!
Sunday we were all a bit more refreshed and on top of the washing so I sorted out the stuff we'd bought while away. :) To be honest we didnt get that much, few bits to go on the walls in the garden and some clothes from the market. Oh and 2 handbags :) This was Caitlins souvenir she picked (Camerons was a truck, lol) she loves it because when she swishes the skirt the metal bits all make a tinkle noise.
Monday and back to school and nursery! I think Cameron was quite happy to go back to be honest to tell everyone about his holiday. It didnt last he was crying this morning saying he didnt want to go lol.
Tuesday was Marks 35th birthday, since we'd just come back from turkey we were pretty skint so a quiet night in was on the cards lol. He got the new sherlock holmes dvd so we just stayed in and watched that :)
Wednesday was my 'work' day, the mum I work with is Italian and she kindly gave some cakes to the kids. As you can see Caitlin enjoyed hers. :)
Thursday was garden/garage work. Granted it would have been a better idea to do it earlier in the week when it was sunnier but live and learn lol. Front garden is all full of flowers again now :)
Today! Well this morning we have a little visitor, lol. My sister has a meeting so we're babysitting Lillie. Tonight Camerons at my mum and Marks out so some girly time needed I think :)
Hope everyones looking forward to the long weekend. We're doing absolutly nothing, lol.


  1. Wow 6 loads in one day! Caitlin looks so cute in her dress and oh my goodness I think she looks more and more like you! We haven't seen the new Sherlock yet, we are waiting for it to arrive from Blockbuster, is it any good? Enjoy your girly night :)

  2. fab photos- busy week - enjoy the rest.

  3. Looks like you've been busy.

  4. Hope you enjoyed Turkey.Looks like you had a very busy week after!


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