Thursday, 7 June 2012

its still half term

Remind me never to book a holiday just before half term again! lol. The kids had just started getting back into a routine and calming down and then half term starts *sigh* Cameron literally ran into a wall yesterday lol. Caitlins back at nursery this morning though so just the one child to deal with and Marks keeping him occupied by playing Mario, lol.
Just waiting for a phonecall and getting very tense (I don't DO waiting!!) but more on that tomorrow :)
I did manage some scrapping the other day, to be honest reading more than scrapping lately. Think with the kids home I've no energy to scrap by the end of the day lol.

Ok being honest I've no idea what I'm putting down on here while waiting for the call back (its not bad news dont worry) so will say bye now! lol

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