Friday, 16 January 2015


So last July I bought one of those clocks which has little photoframes instead of numbers. I put it on the wall at the top of the stairs (no battery or photos) and there it sat, and sat, and sat. Yesterday I was BORED!!!!! So bored I actually remembered to get the clock down and put photos in it. Spent an hour or so finding suitable photos, cutting them to size, realising the screws on the backs were too tight, so had to find a tiny screwdriver to get in it, put photos in, set it to the right time (5:55) and hung it on the wall.
Looks pretty good if I do say so myself. :)
So was quite pleased until this morning when I got up, at 7:00 as always, and realised the clock STILL said 5:55! I dont care it doesn't work, it looks pretty and its staying there lol.
I was supposed to be going to town today but that fell through so I spent the morning here. Yep 12x12 scrapping. and I loved it! I know I always say it after taking a break but I always forget how peaceful scrapping makes me feel. To make it easier I pulled out an old Counterfeit kit to use. I did try and look back to find out which one but I went back to July 2013 and still can't find it so oh well.
Again to keep it easy, I turned to the Challenge YOUrself blog to take part in their monthly challenge. This months is 'one little word'

 Challenge YOUrself #14: One Little Word
Choose a word that you will focus on and reflect upon all through the year and create a layout that celebrates your chosen word.
Remember to include YOU in the photo :)

I chose the word 'simple' and made this layout. :)

I haven't done the journaling yet but when I do it will say
'Last year was a big year. Lots of day trips, events, and spending! This year I hope to focus on the more simple things. Walking in the park, cuddling up on the couch, reading a book. Just enjoying the simple things in life, and hopefully saving a little bit of money too!'


  1. Really lovely, cute photo of you and Scamp and a great word too!!

  2. Great vibrant colours and a fab word. I love the photo , such a cutie. Thanx for joining is at Challenge YOUrself x

  3. Nice to see you again Gemma!
    Great layout and OLW! Love all the matting! Best of luck with your OLW journey. Thanks for playing along with us at Challenge YOUrself :)

  4. Hi Gemma! I love the OLW you picked! Your layout is totally awesome!!! Thank you so much for joining us at Challenge YOUrself - we are so happy that you did!!!!

  5. more and more of us are doing the same! Great word choice, love the polka dots and that super cute journaling card!! You can keep using your CKCB kits and play with us and use up your supplies lol! Kate (Challenge YOUrself)

  6. What a fabulous clock... Great choice for your word of the year. I like the little dog bone ornaments that you added, they are just too cute. Thanks for playing along at Challenge YOUrself

  7. Love those bright colours! Thanks for playing along with us over at Challenge YOUrself!

  8. You could always take the clock part off and stick a nice quote in the middle :)

  9. I think we should all take time to enjoy the simple things in life. Sometimes life is so busy... Great OLW! Thanks for joining us at Challenge YOUrself.


Thanks for your comments. :)