Thursday, 8 January 2015

Ive been scrapping :)

I've not had the chance to scrap since way before Christmas, so at the start of the week I said that I was going to spend Thursday scrapping. Come rain, shine or meteor striking earth I was going to scrap. :)
So I sat down with papers and photos and was overwhelmed. Seriously I had no idea what to do! While sorting out papers I came across some PL style pages I started last March. Well they were smaller, easier and really should be done by now so I decided to tackle them instead.
Took me far longer than it probably should have but one page done :)
I did enjoy doing it but not as much as I like doing 12x12 pages. Theres a sense of completeness when I finish a large page I don't get with these or mini books. But it's done and used up scraps so yey :) Planning to finish these over the next few days then hopefully next week tackle 12x12 again.


  1. Can you send some mojo my way when you find it!

  2. My mojo is still on its winter vacation LOL!! I've not done many PL style pages yet - I have plans to supplement my regular 12x12 scrapbooking with the odd page to use up all those photos that aren't good enough for a 12x12 layout


Thanks for your comments. :)