Monday, 12 January 2015


So no blogging yesterday. Though didn't do much to blog about lol. More cleaning, little more scrapping, playing with the kids etc. Nothing big.
To be honest I've been struggling a bit lately. It's no secret I suffer from anxiety and used to suffer from depression too. Recently I've found myself feeling very pointless and I dunno, useless I guess. Running up to Christmas I have so much to do with the PTA, home, Homestart etc, then January comes and suddenly there's nothing. There's housework, and care for Mark and the kids etc, but thats it. Outside of these four walls there's nothing I do or contribute to. Unfortunately that is unlikely to change anytime soon so I've got to pull myself out of it and get on with it :) Last night it was 9pm and I was sitting dwelling, bored, nothing to do. So rather than just sit there I got out the HUGE ironing pile, put a chick flick on and got on with it. By 2am when it was all done and hung up I admit I felt better lol. Maybe not the best way granted as needed a couple of cups of coffee this morning but hey its a start!
This morning keeping in the same vein I tackled the photos which are on the computer. I usually go through them each month getting rid of rubbish ones, editing others and putting them in the correct folders. Hadn't done it since September however so was a bit behind! While going through some of the very random photos Caitlin had on her camera I found lots of selfies she had taken. Considering she hates getting her photo taken I was quite surprised! Shows how much she has changed in a year. My baby girl growing up :(

Hi I'm Caitlin :) Here are some facts about me:
- I am very creative. I love to paint, colour, make things, anything creative and preferably messy! I spend a lot of time crafting with Mummy and I constantly surprise her with how my mind works.
- I swing between being very shy, and very outgoing. Theres no reason to it which confuses the life out of my Mummy and Daddy. One day I'll be singing my head off in a packed shop, next I won't say hi to our neighbour we've known for years.
- Nobody messes with my big brother. If we're at a playcenter or something and I see someone take something off of him or push him, even if the bully is twice my size I will go up and shout at them.
- My fave TV shows are My little pony, Rugrats and Barbie life in the dreamhouse. But when I'm poorly I like to watch Pingu and Max and Ruby. Mummy thinks this is because I loved them when I was little and it makes me feel safe.
- I'm allergic to fish. I used to be allergic to strawberries but I grew out of that which is good because I love them!
- My fave food is cheesy pasta. I don't like many veggies (just peas really) but I eat pretty much any fruit I can get my hands on. If Mummy has some Melon she has to eat it when I'm at school or in bed as I sit right next to her and stare at her until she gives it to me. hehe.
- I love to dress up. Mummy had to get a special bar put on my wall so I could hang up my dressing up clothes as they wouldn't fit in my wardrobe.
- When it comes to dressing and looks, I'm a girly girl. Mummy refuses to take me into clothes shops anymore because I ask for everything. While Cameron makes his Christmas list from the Argos catalog, mine is from the Next catalog :)
- However though I'm a girly girl with clothes, I can run, jump and climb with the best of the boys! I also see nothing wrong with doing it in the pretty dress or outfit I've picked to wear that day. Mummy does a lot of washing in our house.
- I never want to get married or have kids. They're too loud. Instead I want to be a teacher or a vet and own a pink convertable car.
- I hate going to bed. I use every excuse in the book to stay awake but when it comes to getting up in the morning thats a different story! I once told Mummy I don't like going to sleep, but once I'm asleep I like it. :)
- My teacher says I'm a social butterfly. Which sometimes worries Mummy as apart from a couple of girls I don't have any 'best' friends to stand by me through school. I seem happy enough though, and to be honest I sometimes prefer to play by myself if other people are being (in my opinion) silly!. Mummy says I'm too much like her.
- I'm very active, I love to swim, dance, run around with Scamp or just ride my bike. Mummy doesn't know where I get my coordination from as her and Daddy have none!
- I'm very stubborn and independant. I know what I want to do, when I want to do it, and how I want to do it. Luckily I'm a good girl at the moment and do listen to Mummy and Daddy when they tell me things are a bad idea but Mummy is dreading when I hit my teens.
- I love my Mummy, and love spending time with her and doing things with her. But when it comes to snuggles I'm a daddys girl. I love to cuddle up next to him or on his knee to watch tv or read a book. When I'm upset or scared Daddy can always make me laugh and feel better.


  1. Very insightful! And good for you getting on with the ironing - done now, and something else you can feel better about ... x

  2. I think we all feel like that sometimes Gemma but like you say we get up and carry on (thank fully!)


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