Saturday, 10 January 2015


Today has been a lovely peaceful day. When Cait woke up I settled her down with breakfast and managed to get the kitchen cleaned, washing collected and on, Scamp fed and brushed all while she finished her cereal. Girl eats slow! lol.
Mark was still in bed so Caitlin wanted to do some crafting. Who was I to say no? :) I made some space on my table and she sat quite happily painting some magnets while I sorted out some papers to sell. To be honest the day carried on in the same vein. I'd do a job, play with the kids a bit, do another job, so on so on. Somehow I managed to get pretty much as much done as when I would be working from morning to night!
Kids are now in bed and Mark has laid claims on the TV so I'm using the Wii U. Love that thing. Can just stick my headphones on and watch a show on Netflix in peace.
and yes I'm still scrapping :)


  1. Isn't it great when things work out that way. Trying to figure out which show you were watching!

    1. Numb3rs lol. Never heard of it until a few weeks ago so now binge watching them all.

  2. Lol I did that with Grey's then had overload meltdown!

  3. Is Numb3rs still on? I watched the first couple of seasons and then it disappeared and I lost track if they made any more.


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