Thursday, 1 January 2015


Well new year didn't exactly get off to the best start......
Yep my oven door fell off. I told my Gran about it and she asked if I was drunk! lol. No didn't have a drop of alcohol last night, but these things can still happen to me.
Mark bless him has started off the new year with man flu so has spent the day on the couch. The kids have been peacefully playing on their new games so I took the opportunity to sort out the new stash I got for Christmas and try and catch up with the counterfeit kits I've missed. Forgot how much I love just going through patterned papers, embellishments etc and putting them all together. :) I doubt I'll actually manage to get any scrapping done before the kids go back to school but at least I can get ready for it!
Will hopefully share the new kit I made tomorrow as Marks moved from the couch to the bed now, and all my stuff is in our room I better not wake him by getting it all. Watch this space :P


  1. Whoops indeed - glad you'll be joining in with CK again!

  2. Oh dear - glad no one got hurt when that came off - hope you can get it fixed easily xx happy new year to you and yours xx


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