Monday, 5 January 2015


Well its been a rubbish start to the new year! First the oven breaks, then my phone, the 360 computer, my sister gets herself into another fight and Mark scares the life out of us with a bad chest infection. Hes been poorly a few weeks now but Friday he got really bad and said it felt like when he had pnumonia before. Took him drs who diagnosed a chest infection and gave antibiotics. That was fine until we got home and his temp shot up. He couldn't stop shaking and was delirious. God love my Mum who took Caitlin and my neigbour who took Cameron so I didn't have to worry about them. Managed to get Marks temp down and next day he was much better :)
So I'm hoping that that's the bad luck out of the way for the year! As I haven't done much interesting I thought I would start a new tradition. On pinterest I saw a thing about noting details about your kids each year and seeing how they change. So I plan on doing it for each member of the family each year :) Starting with our newest member ;)


Hi I'm Scamp. I'm a pugzu but take after the pug side a lot more. Here are some facts about me:
- I LOVE my food. But I'm really nosy to see what others have in case it's something better. When my cousin Poppy comes to play, Mummy has to give her her dinner first, then I can see what she has then go to mine. If she gives me mine first, I abandon it and try to steal Poppys even though it's the same thing.
- I shed, even though Mummy has bought special food and brushes to help improve it. Mummy doesn't mind, but I seem to find it funny to save up my loose fur and let it all go when I'm sitting on Daddy :)
- Mummy and Caitlin are my fave people in the family. They give the best cuddles. But if I want to play I go to Cameron or Daddy. Mummy usually ends up yelling at Cameron or us to go outside thought, apprently lots of things have ended up broken since I moved in.
- Mummy is pretty sure I was a bull in a previous life. Though I'm small, I love to run around and skid into things. I'm really not very graceful and often end up missing my target and hitting my head or butt off of things. Mummy says I need a little crash helmet.
- I love walks, but panic if Cameron or Caitlin walk too far ahead of us. I cry and pull at my lead. Mummy keeps telling me I'm only little but she doesn't know what shes talking about. If a big dog goes anywhere near my big brother or sister I bark until they go away. I'm very brave, :) Next doors cat scares me though, if she walks near me I run away :(
- Daddy says this is his side of the bed. He's wrong though, it's my side and my pillow. If he tries to move me I just sleep right by his head and snore in his ear.
- I hate it when Mummy does Caitlins hair. I cry and try and steal the hairbrush. Mummy has to do it upstairs now.
- I have lots of toys, but my fave ones are the ones which rolls under the couch and I cry until someone has to get it for me. It's a good game :)
- I have a very strange obsession with pants. When Mummy is doing the washing I like to steal them and take them to my bed. I like Daddys the best as I can put my head in them and hide.
- I love baths! Mummy has to be careful to shut me downstairs if she is bathing Cameron or Caitlin as I like to run really fast and jump in with them.
- I'm a very thirsty dog. But rather than drinking the clean water Mummy puts in my bowl for me I prefer puddles, Caitlin painting water, Daddys drinking water, bath water, you get the idea :)
- I'm a very, very loved dog :)


  1. Don't forget your Auntie Jess gives good cuddles too xx

  2. Hope some good luck comes your way soon :)


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