Friday, 30 January 2015

More layouts :)

Yesterday would have been my Granny and Grandads diamond wedding anniversary. We wanted to acknowledge the event but obviously Granny didn't want a big deal made from it. After some thought Mum and I decided to buy her a necklace and bracelet set with some small diamonds in it. The necklace was a heart and the bracelet had a symbol of infinity on it with 'forever' engraved on the back. Gran was very touched so pleased we did it :)
On other news I'm still scrapping :) Almost used up the kit I pulled out so will be breaking into another one soon, just in time for the February Counterfeit kit!
This one was for a sketch challenge for a group I'm on on Facebook. This was the sketch set
and this was my take :) Whenever we go to Disneyland we always have a photo taken at the sword in the stone. Last time we went Caitlin posed nicely for the first photo, then became very determined to pull out the sword and really put her back into it lol. Bless her she thought she could really do it and wasn't best pleased it wouldn't budge!
When not scrapping or cleaning I've been playing computer games and reading with the kids. We borrowed an old Wii game from my niece (pikmin) we're all a little addicted to lol. As its a Wii game we need to move the chair close to the TV for it to register the remote. This seems to have led to a very odd sleeping position for Scamp lol.
His new fave place seems to be lying like Snoopy over the back of the chair. As it's in the middle of the room he can look around and see everything thats going on by only lifting his head. Lazy dog dog, he didnt even stir when we had an earthquake the other night!

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  1. Great take on the sketch, how bad am I that I haven't done it!


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