Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Is it not over yet?!

Wow, its been a while since my last post. To be honest though I've been busy I've been in an odd mood so haven't been very chatty. I think it's because it's January, I hate January. It's so dreary compared to December and seems to be the month where everything expencive breaks!
I have been scrapping though :) Now I've got the desk in the bedroom I do enjoy crafting more, rather than having to drag everything out and putting it all away again before bed in case Scamp ruins it, I just just pile it on the desk :)
This is a really old photo, I think Caitlins 3 years old here. She looks just the same as now though just smaller! lol. Anyway it was the first weekend I'd ever been away without the kids and was missing them like mad when Mark sent me this photo on my phone. They'd all gone to Mcdonalds with my Mum and it made me feel so much better :)
Love these little dots from Stampin up.
Bit of a more up to date photo from Turkey a couple of years back. In the main town there were some beautiful fountains I wanted to get some photos of the kids with. Typically the morning of the day we went Caitlin decided to have her face painted at kids club so not quite the classy photos I'd hoped for lol.
Well only have a few more days of January left, yey!


  1. I always hate it after Christmas, it's so dark, cold and depressing! Great layouts though, have brightened up my day x

  2. Two bright and pretty layouts. I love that Caitlin has her fave painted - it's a moment captured and obviously something she loved to do :)

  3. Such lovely layouts Gemma, your style is changing


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