Saturday, 17 January 2015

Sassy girl

Im ashamed to say I have a pile of photos that need to be scraped, and considering I've only had 12 developed since 2013 that's bad! I would say I am to get them done by such and such time but I've said that lots before so I'll just aim to do my best to catch up. :)
Starting with this photo from a few Summers ago. We were having a picnic at Wicksteed park and I took this photo of Caitlin. The girl was born 13 I tell you so the 'sassy girl' cardstock sticker was brilliant with this photo.
So I do seem to be on a little bit of a roll :) Today I've got boring jobs to do, like defrosting the freezer and cleaning the kitchen. However I do need to do some crafting too as I have a couple of cards to make.
I'm dreadful at cards but I realllllllly don't want to go asda on a saturday so I'll give it a shot! Caitlins got a birthday party this afternoon so need one for that. Cup of coffee then get on with it I think!


  1. Hope you will share your cards with us. Lovely layout x

  2. You can do it Gemma, just go for something clean and simple.

  3. That's an adorable photo - sassy, indeed. And good luck getting to the scrapping you want to get done - we all need a little of that, as there is no such thing as caught up in memorykeeping.

  4. Totally sassy! Think we all have a pile of photos like that!


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