Thursday, 15 January 2015


So today seemed to drag on for aaaagggggggeeeeesssss! I actually had nothing to do. NOTHING! The housework was all done, everything sorted and put away, nowhere to be and nothing to do. It was boring. I suppose I could have scrapped but tbh my mojo has run off so didn't really feel like it. Ended up just walking around the house doing anything I could think of.
Got to go to town tomorrow so at least that's something. :)
In the meantime I thought I'd share the other PL style pages I've done. I actually started these last March, then they've sat in my 'to do' pile since!
Various peoeple around Disneyland
Photos of the castle.
Meeting the princess'
and dinner at Cafe Mickey. :)
Still not a huge fan of these style. They seem to take much longer than a 12x12 and IMO look less impressive. They are a great way of scrapping lots of related photos that don't need their own pages though iykwim.


  1. Yeah I must admit I am finding PL style pages take me longer too. Not seen that style of page with the 12" long pocket before -a bit different. Anyway they are all very lovely pages and I must get on and start doing more of these pages for those photos that don't warrant having a layout devoted to just one or two photos

  2. Hmm, I prefer your 12 X 12s to your PL. I did 2 double pages of the Disney parade and the Queen of Hearts Maze PL style, but on 12 X 12 to fit in with my other 12 X 12 pages in the album. Here's the link to my blog post, in case it gives you any ideas.

  3. Nothing to do, there's plenty to do here!


Thanks for your comments. :)