Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy new year!

Well today got the year off to a great start :) Nice relaxing lie in, yummy latte to start the day then a trip to a local woodland park with the kids and the dogs.
It was EMPTY! Seriously we were the only ones there! It was a cold but clear day and they were having a great time in the park so Mum and I left them there with Bri and took the dogs for a walk in the woods.
Was a lovely peaceful walk. After being the chaos of the past couple of weeks it was really refreshing and just what was needed.
Kids were crazy as usual. Got to love Cameron. Smile nice he was told *rolls eyes*
Oh almost forgot to share my christmas gifts! I as spoiled as usual :) Got the traditional PJs, wine, chocolates, craft bits, but my fave gifts were my new pandora charms.
A beautiful camera from Mark, a dog in a chrismas hat from the kids, and a disney infinity charm from my mum!
I was amazed when I opened it. It takes a LOT to surprise me but she managed it :) Her friend went to new York just before Christmas and Mum got her to pick it up while she was there.
All so special :)
Well tomorrow is busy again. Got to go town to return Camerons Wii U, then Next to return clothes, Asda for shopping then Caitlin has a birthday party in the afternoon. All back to normal now!

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  1. Love those quiet days - you really need them over Christmas. We had every intention of going out for a walk but never quite made it. Glad yours was a good trip out x


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