Thursday, 16 June 2016

5 weeks and counting

So I've not been about for a bit. Been an odd few days mood wise, but got some good news today so that's picked me up no end!
I'm sooooo ready for the Summer holidays. As the kids are getting older the weekends are going quicker and quicker. No sooner have I picked the kids up from school on Friday than I'm ironing their uniform on Sunday. I miss having relaxing time to spend with them just watching tv, or baking cookies etc. I can't wait until we have loads of time and can make our Summer Bucket list. :)
Speaking of, I've managed to cross another one off of the photo scavenger hunt. :)
1. A "wild heart" - a naturally occurring heart
Ill leave most of the main ones to the Summer holiday but can see this one being a hard one to find so wanted to snap it while I could!!
One of the challenges on Scrapbooking day was to make a layout outside of your comfort zone. White space is certainly outside of my comfort zone!
I love some layouts others do but I always struggle, thinking it looks unfinished. This one I had to force myself to step back and leave it alone.
Though it's different to what I usually do I quite like it :)
I love the photo too. On new years day we went for a walk at a local park. The kids played happily in the park bit with the Dads while Mum and I walked the dogs in the woods.
Was a lovely peaceful start to the year :)


  1. Love this layout, may I lift it please? x

  2. I like that layout - just enough, not too much. Makes me want to scraplift it as well.

  3. Beautiful deep green heart!


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