Friday, 24 June 2016

Its lucky?!

Its friday :) Been a bit of a crazy day with the whole EU situation. :\ Now I won't say what way I voted, I'm sure everyone had their reasons to vote however they did, but the way everyone has reacted to the outcome was crazy! Panic buying, people posting horrible comments on Facebook, really surprised me to be honest :(
So this house is certainly a politics free zone!
As we had no drs appointments or anything today I got some housework done and packaged up some bit to post.
Such an interesting life I lead isn't it? lol.
This week I've managed to cross a few more off the scavenger hunt list. :)

2. A footprint or pawprint
When Mark and I got back into the car at the town I noticed a cat (I assume) had walked all over the windows with dusty feet. Mark found it funny I was photographing paw prints when we live with a dog, but I like getting photos that have a bit of a story behind them rather than just 'Scamp walked over my floor after being out in the rain'

3. A skeleton, bone or x-ray
Mark had a bone density scan at the start of the week. I did ask if I could have a copy of the scan but no :( The nurse did let me take a photo of a skeleton in the corner though :)
Still lots left to find :)
Onto scrapping, I can't quite remember what the criteria for this layout was, I think it was a sketch or could have been to use more than one photo. Either way I started this and wasn't sure I would like it but it's grown on me now :)
When we were in Spain the girls went to a princess party so Cam picked playing crazy golf. For some reason he got it into his head that one of the balls was lucky, and only he was allowed to use it. It was identical to two others we had though so we kept playing tricks on him by swapping it round or pretending we had it ;) Entertained us for a while lol.


  1. I can imagine the nurses face when you asked to take that picture lol

  2. Well, you're doing great on the hunt. Not sure where I'm going to find a real skeleton (found a crab shell which is technically a skeleton but that feels like a cheat).


Thanks for your comments. :)