Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Tee time

Good old UK weather. We had planned to go to Wicksteed park but the weather was dreadful so I dug out some vouchers for kids play and off we went :)
Caitlin last went with her friend Paige and I swear she is a different girl around her! Going back a few months Caitlin was scared to stand too near the edge of a wall if she was too high up, so when Paiges parents told me she had climbed halfway up the rock wall I wouldn't have believed it if they didn't have photos!
This time round she went even further and managed to get right to the top! She was so proud of herself. :) I did promise to get her a Mcdonalds as a reward but she picked a living room picnic instead. Bonus for me as free :)
One of my freebie vouchers let Caitlin get her face painted. Was a little surprise when she came back looking like this lol. She loved it though.
So home and picnic done the kids were shattered so was a very quiet rest of the day. Considering the hectic weekend Caitlin has ahead she needed it I think. Mummy needs it too.
Have managed some scrapping but I keep forgetting to take pictured of them, still plenty to share from before though :)
This was one of the last ones I did with the Live out loud kit. You can always tell when I'm getting to the end of a kit as the layouts get more and more bare.
These photo were from when we went to Butlins; before we went we bought an entertainment pass which included bowling, golf, laser quest etc. While there though we won another 4 passes for golf so we were a bit sick of it by the end lol.
The kids enjoyed the first couple of games though. They didn't take it anywhere as near as seriously as their Dad did! He won, obviously lol.

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