Friday, 3 June 2016

Baby girl!!!

Oh so much wine needed tonight! I dropped off my baby girl for her very first Brownie holiday :( Tomorrow will be the first day in Caitlins life I won't see or speak to her. Shes not bothered but I am!!!
So as a little send off we went to Beefeater for breakfast. The kids love it there and it is literally just down the road from us but for some reason we only seem to go once or twice a year. They do a great buffet breakfast and kids eat free with adults so bonus :)
Cam got some selfies lol.
I enjoyed Caits company while I could. :) Both kids brought their ds' with them as Mark tends to take 'all you can eat' as a personal challenge and I love the costa coffee machine. Caitlin had brought her new Animal crossing game so I was helping her with the rock, paper scissors mini game on there. I was unbeatable! Mwah ha ha! :p
We got home and Mark went off to bed while we packed the last bits for Caits trip. She is a huge bookworm (proud Mummy) but I discovered she has lost all her bookmarks and was using a lump of blu tac to mark her page! Couldn't have that so I made her a quick bookmark to take with her.
So everything done and ready we drove her down to the campsite which is about 45 minutes away and dropped her off. She honestly didn't even give us a second look. Quick cuddle and off she went.
I was very proud of myself, I didn't hang about, I said bye and I left. I was ok till we got outside and Cameron broke down! Honestly didn't see that coming. :\ Took him to a garden center down the road and got him an ice cream and some plants to help with over the weekend so that cheered him up :)
Wine will cheer me up ;)
So this layout is done with some really old photos. I'm a bit protective of my Christmas tree. I know it's bad but I know where I want decorations to go and nobody else can do it right. It's a bit mean however to say to the kids 'no don't touch' so I bought them their own tree :)
It had the bonus at the time that Caitlin was terrified of the idea of Santa coming into her room, so the kids put their stockings under their tree in the upstairs hallway instead.
After they had decorated I wanted to take a picture but the kids wanted to do a happy dance lol. So the deal was one nice calm photo, then one of them 'happy dancing'

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