Thursday, 2 June 2016

Just smile, you've got style

So today was stressful. Caitlins been in an argumentative mood the past few days so 'why' seems to be her favourite word. Drives me mental having to argue about EVERYTHING! This morning we were supposed to go swimming but Caits had a cough for a couple of weeks she can't shift so I didn't think it was a good idea.
Cue lots and lots of tears. I said we'd go another time but noooooo, you'd think the pool was shutting down this afternoon so this was the last chance she had to ever swim!
We went to town and got the last minute bits for Caitlins camping trip this weekend and bought a box of doughnuts to cheer up the moody kids.
So day went from bad to worse with the kids being very picky and fighting lots. Then we went to Cams drs appointment which had stressed him out all day only to find dr had no idea why we were there as he didn't want to see us!
Dinner tonight was a bottle of wine and tub of ben and jerries lol.
So onto scrapping. Not sure about this layout. I did it with an old DIY kit which I wasn't overly fond of but I'm pleased I used it up.
Was an old photo too so lots of old bits used. The cork words were new however. I recently took advantage of a $5 ofer from studio calico to get your first kit for only $5 shipping. Glad it was only $5 as I wasn't that impressed with it. These words were part of the kit so glad I used them up anyway.

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