Friday, 10 June 2016

DIY face packs

It's Friday! Woohoo! This week seems to have lasted a long time. Lots of appointments, boring jobs and various other meh things. A quiet, non busy weekend is needed by everyone I think :)
Well kinda quiet, kids have cinema again tomorrow morning (love Sun perks!) then I have a little bit of shopping to do before home and PJs going back on!
I looooove this paper! I think this was one of the last layouts I made with the kit. I'd saved the paper to use and didn't want to cut it up much so used a diamond design.
A few embellishments and it was done :) I love this layout :)
The photo is from Caitlins sleepover last year. For her hostess Brownie badge she needed to plan an implement a party making invitations etc. She picked a sleepover and planned lots of games for her friends including making home made facepacks.
The used banana, brown sugar and oats. They LOVED it and made a huge mess! The doors and banister were easy enough to clean but took me weeks to get it out of the carpet. Glad they enjoyed it because it was the first and last time! Hehe.

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