Sunday, 26 June 2016


Yesterday was unexpectedly fun :) The kids brought home a leaflet from school offering free tickets to see Wall-e at our local cinema. The kids love that film so of course I booked tickets. However I didn't read closely enough and turned out it was a bike-a-thon! The projector was powered by dynamos so you had to pedal to watch the film.
Of course you COULD just sit and watch, as many did, but my bike mad daughter dragged me up to take part lol. So proud of her though, she was the youngest who took part and lasted the longest, even got a round of applause from everyone when she finished :)
Even Cameron got up and gave it a go!
After doing a quick bit of shopping we were home for a shower and chilling out. My legs and arms felt like jelly so imagine my reaction when Caitlin came down and asked if we could go on a bike ride!!
Today was a nice chilled out PJ day. Did a bit of cleaning and a bit of scrapping :D Can't share it yet though as its for the Challenge YOUrself team so wait for that one. :)
This one however I can share. I love this photo from Spain a few years ago. We went and saw a pirate themed gymnastics show (which was AMAZING) and my Mum took this lovely photo of the 4 of us :)
Journaling reads:
I love your face here Cameron. You and Granddad are known for ruining family photos. You either pull a face, close your eyes or god knows what else!
In your defense it was a pirate show, but one nice photo? Too much to ask? I love you. *Sigh

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