Thursday, 23 June 2016

sleep? whats sleep?

What is up with my household at the moment?! Last night Cam had another meltdown. He's worried he's going to end up with a teacher next year who shouts a lot. Took me ages to calm him down and get him off to sleep.
No sooner had I got him down than Caitlin woke up, Mark was at his friends for a bit and for some reason only Daddy would do. By 10:30 and with Caitlin still sobbing I rung Mark and asked him to come home.
So with a snoring, kicking boy in my bed, a dog outside barking and crying (not mine) I think I maybe got 3 hours sleep tops.
So hoping for a quiet day today. Got to go town and get a few things done but other than that there are thankfully no doctors appointments for once!
Reallllly need to get around to photographing some of the newer layouts I've done, these are still back from the start of May. But at least I still have layouts to share :)
This was a double layout I did during scrapbooking weekend. I'm not a big fan of double layouts usually but these two photos are from the same day and didn't need their own individual pages really so it worked well for this.
The challenge was to use a song as a title. At the time Caitlin was listening to the Alvin and the Chipmunks soundtrack loads and their song 'home' was stuck in my head!
The photos are from Harry potter world where Mark and I visited a while ago. The papers are from the cheap Studio Calico kit I got which to be honest I wasn't that impressed with but the lightning bolt paper was ideal.
Well I admit I'm almost dozing off so better get up and move to wake myself up!

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