Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Before and after. :)

Well the big news in my house this week is the garden is finished!!!!!! This is it before....

And this is after. :) Bit of a difference isnt it. lol. We cant put anything on the grass yet as it needs to grow a bit first but we have a trampoline, swing set and slide to go there. On the patio we have an old swing seat, patio table and chairs. I want one of those nice outdoor rattan sets but can't afford it right now. Hopeing to get them later on in the year when they'll be cheaper. :)

However we did get this. :) Its our 5 year anniversery tomorrow and the tradional gift is 'wood'. Mark was going to get me some scrapbook paper (paper made from wood. :) ) but we saw this at the argos discount warehouse reduced from £120 to £40. I LOVED our old chimera, sitting outside on cold nights toasting marshmellows, so we got this instead. Still kinda the theme, burns wood so its close. lol.

Well in other news the kids went to the farm with Mark on Sunday. They had a great time, except for the lamb who Caitlin claims tries to eat her. The fact she was holding a milk bottle to feed said lamb she insists has nothing to do with it. The lamb obviously wasnt a vegitarian. Fair enough. lol

Butter wouldnt melt.

Right, determined to do some scrapping tonight so will hopefully have a layout or two to share tomorrow. :) Dont hold me to it though. lol


  1. Your garden looks great, happy anniversay for tomorrow

  2. Wow your garden looks great. Love the chimera too, we had ours going on sunday but got to chilly to sit outside lol xx

  3. The garden look fab, well done :) im sure you will have many happy nights out there toasting marshmellows x


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