Monday, 25 April 2011

OMG where has the time gone?!

I cant belive its been over a week since my last post. Been so busy here its insane. Had MOT, Bella was spayed, trip to the Gadget show live, trip to sundown adventure park, digging in front garden, spring cleaning, number of trips to the tip. By the end of the day I'm so tired Im only good for my bed. lol.
Anyway, so the fun things. :) On wednesday we went to Sundown adventure park with pen green. Because it was a pen green trip we only paid £10 for all four of us when it should have been £10 each. This I think is a stupid amount for whats there (basically a really big swing park) but for £10 it was good and kids had fun. :)
There was a train ride there, so obviously that was the first stop off. lol

Caitlin was less than impressed the horses didnt move.

How cool are these swings! Kids loved them as I never push them high as they throw their heads back and I worry about them falling out. No such worry here so pushed them as hard as they liked. :)

You can tell how good the day was by how few photos I took can't you. lol, usually its a case of I'm having too much fun to get the camrea out, here there was just nothing to photograph. lol.
Yesterday was Car boot day again. :) Not been to one in a while and the weather was great so really looked forward to it. Ended up with some great bargains. Got a big pile of computer games for the wii, ps2, and ds for £7. Including some dora and cars games for the kids so they were pleased. :) There were also loads of cradmaking bits for some reason though not so much for scrapbookers. Did get a tearing ruler though. :)
After car boot we took the kids to the park. This would be SUCH a good photo if Mark didnt have his eyes closed.

Then onto my mums for a bbq. :) Was a great time, letting the kids play together while the adults chilled out and ate daft amounts of food. (grans home made scotch eggs. YUM!) Since I didnt get a photo of all the kids at christmas I thought I'd try now. This was the best one. :)

Cute bunch arnt they. :)

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