Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Kiss of death

I should have expected it really, lol, its just like when you put the washing out the heavens open.
See the other day the weather was amazing, so we decided to get the paddling pool out for the kids. We've had one in the garage since last year we bought in september so obviously never used. Took me 3 hours to pump the bloody thing up. Then ripped it against the handle when moving it out the door. pmsl. Mark managed to sellotape it up enough they could play with it untill we went shopping that afternoon.

So paddling pool take 2, as the first one was so big I wanted a smaller one. Less hassle I thought. This one did look a bit bigger on the box though.

Yeah so that was no good. lol. Just let the kids play in the spinkler untill after dinner when it was 'Paddling pool take 3'. We went to the argos clearance warehouse and picked this up for £10. Third times a charm we thought. :)

Untill the next morning when it was just a blob of plastic. On further inspection all the edges were leaking slightly so dont think it was sealed right. Back to the shop then!
The clearance warehouse didnt have anymore pools so after looking about we picked this one.

However by the time we got it home, pumped it up and made dinner it was too late to go in the pool so told the kids they could play in it the next day. Have we had sun since then?? Have we heck! Typical. lol. Its still standing though, so thats a good sign. :)
Cuddles :)

Caitlins a bit under the weather at the moment. unsure what it is but shes very cuddly and likes to lie down a lot. :( Bella seems to be sensing this and hasn't left her side. How sweet. :)


  1. Hope the warm weather comes back very soon for you Gemma - you are sure to get at least one more warm day this year LOL!!

    Karen x

  2. Oh my goodness, the things we do for our children! It is such a shame that you put in all that effort for so little fun, hopefully the new pool will last until the sun comes out again.


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