Saturday, 9 April 2011

day off, and mothers day book.

Well yesterday was a 'day off' meaning no digging/painting/big cleaning jobs. The sun was shining so I packed a picnic and me and my friend Debbie set of with the kids down to east carlton. Was a great morning. :) The kids all loved playing together and behaved really well. Harry (Debbies son) doesnt know many boys as nor does Cameron so they pretty much followed each other round everywhere. lol. I did take my camera but naughty me didnt take a single picture.
After that we came home and I slept for about 3 hours. lol. Caitlin hadnt slept too well the night before so was shattered! Glad I did to be honest as it was Caitlins turn to stay at my mums last night which seemed to really unsettle Cameron so he didnt go sleep untill gone one this morning. Was still a nice night though. Ended up eating lots of junk foo,d wearing face masks and watchign lots of 'Chuck' Which Cameron wasnt to impressed with but if he wasn't going to bed it was his own fault. lol. Couldnt take any more Thomas!!
Anyway I know its late but thought I'd share the book I made for mum for mothers day. Every year for the past 3 years I've made her a book showing the grandkids growing up that yeah. This has become harder as more grandkids came along. lol. But this was this years.

Love the echo park papers on the front. :) Obviously a big thing to document was the birth of Lillie.

Cameron looking proud. :) Love this photo.

All of the grandkids (except Lillie) on Mollies birthday last year.

Lillie laughing. :)

Mum, dad and Evie at the park in the summer.

Caitlin at disneyland. :)

Obviously done lots more pages than that but those were my fave. :) Spent today doing more digging round the front. got rid off all the bush now just need to dig up the roots and flatten the ground. MUCH bigger job than I expected it to be. :( Marks going to the farm tomorrow with the kids on a dads group trip so will make them a picnic soon. Not sure if I'm going, would like to go but would equally like some time to myself. lol. Will see how things are in the morning. Can currently hear kids screaming at each other outside so staying home is winning atm. lol


  1. that is gorgeous, a truly personal gift

  2. Lovely keepsake, I am sure she will treasure it for years to come.

  3. What a lovely gift for your mum, I bet she loved it.

  4. Great gift for your Mum.
    Jennie X

  5. Such lovely pages Gemma and I bet your mum was chuffed to bits too


  6. What a gorgeous book Gemma, I am sure your mum must have loved it! :)

  7. Lots of work in a Minibook, but no better person than a mom to appreciate it! Lovely.

  8. Oh what a lovely mini book. A lovely gift for your mum.


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