Wednesday, 13 April 2011

WOYWW and old jeans!!!

Ok so old jeans might not seem like a big deal, but considering I havent fit into them since last summer and I'm now wearing them comfortably I'm very excited about them. lol. Lost 10lb so far on ww which considering how many 'bad weeks' I've had I'm pretty pleased. :) Ok onto whats on your workdesk wednesday. :) And at the moment, its a mess. lol. I was determined last night to break the cycle and do some scrapping, so I put 'Eclipse' on my pc, put my headphones on so block out distractions and got to it. :) I managed just under 3 layouts which I was happy about. None of them are outstanding but hey, they're done. lol. (well, without titles)
This is the main part of my desk with the un finished layout on it.

This is the pile of papers and bits to the left of me.

This is to the right. My flowers from mothers day are just starting to die which is pretty impressive considering how cheap they were. lol

And this is the floor. lol. Well it makes a wall between me and the kids. :)

This was the second layout I did and I quite like this one. :) I love this photo of Caitlin as it was before the stage where she hated getting her photo taken so would smile happily. Wish I'd taken more photos as that stage didnt last long. lol

Realllllly old photos of Cameron in Butlins when he was 2. This was the first layout I did so not great as wasn't really sure how I wanted it to come together. lol

Well I've got to get some breakfast and do my hair before leavign the house in 15 mins. better run! Hope everyones having a good day. :)


  1. Well done on your weight loss. I am doing WW too. I really struggled to get started but I seem to be getting there now. Lovely pages, the large flower die cut paper on the second page is gorgeous x

  2. Well done on the weight loss. You are still being really productive I see.

    Sorry bit late leaving comments - only just getting round to catching up with all the blog posts that I missed whilst away.

    Karen x


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