Saturday, 16 April 2011

Easter bonnets and a layout. :)

Well today was spent making easter bonnets with the kids for nursery next week. :) We went out last week and bought them a hat each and all the fluffy chicks/bunnies we could find, and obviously I brought out some of my flowers and ribbons to add to it too. :)
Nursery also asked us to take photos of the children making thier hats. Obviously I was only too happy to oblige. :)
Caitlin showing the Bunny she wants on the front of her hat.

Cameron making little paper 'wheels' to go on his hat (for wheels read balls. lol)

Caitlin showing me where she wants her 'flowers' (for flowers read balls again. lol)

Finished product. :)

I'll get better photos of the hats themselves when the kids take them off. lol. Now short of the ribbon tying, and putting the glue where they tell me to (im not letting them handle a glue gun, lol) I'm pleased to say the kids did it all themselves. :) I can't stand those parents who take over and do their kids art work so yeah it looks great but the children have had NO imput in it whatsoever. I'd rather it was a complete mess and my kids were proud of it. :)
Soap box over, it was actually interesting to watch them pick where they wanted things to go. Cameron picked the thomas ribbon (surprise surprise) then stuck most of his 'wheels' rabbits and chicks at the front and at the top of the hat. Where, he reasoned, 'they can see better' hich Mark admits he would have done as a child. Caitlin however was just like me. Each daddy/mummy chick needed a baby beside it, all had to be evenly spaced around the edges with a pink 'flower' in front and then behind. To be honest if I HAD done hers it probably wouldnt have looked much different. lol. Little scrapbooker in the making. :)

Speaking of scrapbooking this is another layout I did. I was pleased with this as while going through kits I found some 'sping' themed stickers. However I couldnt remember which of my phtoos were taken in springtime. So instead I used them on this photo of Caitlin playing on a platform attached to a spring. lol.

Off to 'The gadget show live' tomorrow. BIG fan of the show so quite excited. :) Never been before so not sure what will be there but sure it will be fun. :)

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