Thursday, 7 April 2011

More garden work. :)

OMG I'm aching today. lol. Well yesterday we got a lot of work done and finished off most of it this morning. :) Our back garden has not got nicely painted fences and garage door and the garage has been sorted out a bit. We did plan on chucking loads of stuff but as usual kids have spotted most of it and decided they cant live without old spaceships missing bits and 9 different footballs.
I'll wait till they go bed tonight then bin them. They never notice. ;)

Front garden has a lot of work still. Originally the green bush covered all the space right up to the wall where the bins are. I've managed to clear half of it and dig up the roots. SO took some slabs from the back garden and moved them round the front to rest the bins on. Fair way to go but even the little change of moving the bins makes me feel I'm getting somewhere. :)

Well typing is hard at the moment as yesterday I was making a Philedelpia pasta recipe. Low points on weight watchers so thought I'd give it a go. When cutting an onion Cameron let out a yell from the garden and I sliced my finger open. Trying to get a curious child to fecth his father from the garage without letting him see the fact you're dripping blood all over the floor isnt easy. lol. So I'mm all banaged up now. Wasnt a big cut just deep and right by the nail with HURTS! Wouldnt have happened ringing dominos for a pizza thats all I'm saying. lol

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