Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Busy busy busy. :)

Been a bit awol. :) Had a nice relaxing day Saturday then had my mum round for dinner sunday for mothers day. Even though I had my day on friday hubby still made me brekky in bed and made me some cards.

Was actually pretty impressed as he HATES card making. You should have seen the mess though, he didnt realise that punches drop the waste from the bottom so had loads of bits of paper all around my desk. Dinner went well. Had fish cakes for starter, roast pork, stuffing, veg, roasties and home made yorkshires (Was SO proud. :) ) with chocolate fudge cake for pudding. Dont think I'll have done too well on weight watchers this week. lol
That said I have been doing a lot of exercise. Been working cutting away the bush outside and digging up the roots. Taking longer than I thought. This is how it looks so far.

Was much worse than that, all of it was the big green bush to start with. Plan to cut all this down, gravel it all and put plant pots out. Much prettier. :)
Speaking of gardens, ours gets done monday!!!!!!!!!!! You have NO idea how excited I am about that. :) :) :) This is currently how it looks.

Not the nicest. Its tiny anyway so tiny, messy, potholed is just not good. We bought new paint to do the garage door and fences today so hoping we get some sun soon to get that done this week. :)

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