Thursday, 14 April 2011

From the mouths of babes.....

Does anybody elses children twist things to make them sound MUCH worse than they are or is it just mine? lol. Honestly if someone heard half the things my two say I think social services would be on us like a shot! For example, Caitlin told her Nanny the other day that 'Mummy was holding a knife and I had to stay away from her because she didnt WANT to hurt me' Now you hear that it sounds like I'm standing over her threatening her with loss of control, when really I was peeling potatoes and told her to stop running and jumping around me as I didn't want her to get hurt. See, much less phychopathic. Camerons gem at nursery was just as good 'Mummy stabbed me with a needle but I was a big boy and didnt cry' cue me blushing madly and explaining he had a splinter.
However there are times their perceptions on the world are welcome, such as when Caitlin pointed to a copy of FHM with a pretty female model on the cover and proudly told Daddy it was a picture of Mummy. Wasn't going to argue with that one. :) lol


  1. That last comment made me LOL. Jack's (3) favourite question at the moment is 'Do you have a winky mummy?' even though he knows the answer! Always a winning question in the queue at Tescos. I think they choose their timing on purpose....

  2. Love your little stories about your wee ones. I remember having my eldest nephew with me when he was about 4 years old and I had to pop into Sainsburys to get a bottle of wine to take to my parents for Sunday lunch - of course I got a hundred and one questions in the queue but the one that had everyone screaming with laughter was 'Why do you and Nanny drink a bottle of wine every night?' He made me sound a right lush!!!


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