Saturday, 2 April 2011

spoilt rotten

Well yesterday was my mothers day and I was spoilt rotten. :) We went to Stamford and bought some yummy stuff at the market (cakes, pies fruit etc) then had lunch at my fave fish and chip shop there. The kids loved it too, Cameron ate his and half of mine! lol

We bought the kids a few bits too. They each got a magazine from a stall selling old magazines cheap, plus some toys from chairty shops. This is Mark and Cameorn playing with one of those water toys, where theres a 'hoop la' type game in the water and you press a button to blow the hoops about. Im not good at describing things. lol

Catlin with her little flute. We also bought her a dora doll. Learn from my mistakes, find out what the doll does BEFORE you buy it! Obviously in the store theres no instructions or batteries so when we got home we looked online. Turns out is sings and dances while moving around the floor. At full volume and full speed. Caitlin loves it, my head, not so much. lol.

While there Mark also bought me one of those large ceramic mixing bowls for baking. Ive wanted one for ages so was thrilled. :) He also got me some flowers, perfume and a tin of roses. So then I couldnt say he didnt buy me roses. lol.
I was also thrilled to find a tiny tag punch for 99p! I love the one stampin up do but cant justify their prices, so when I found a do crafts one in the bargain box in colmans snapped it up. :)
Only a short post as still working on my mums book for tomorrow. not done card yet either. better get a move on!


  1. Ooh i want one of those tag punches too!! sounds like a fab day was had by all... btw, i could have let you know about Dora dolls!! never buy one!!!

    L xx

  2. Sounds like you had a really great day and got a few bargains. Every Christmas me and my friend try to buy each other's daughters the noisiest, most irritating toy we can find, Dora sounds ideal for that :)


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