Wednesday, 11 May 2011


On my desk this week is a big pile of felt. lol. Today hasn't started too well as I've lost my ipod, the kids were up at 5:30 and Camerons in full on 'But whyyyyyyyy!' mode. So decided to sit down with a cup of fresh coffee (forgot how yummy that is) and cut out some shapes for the layout I'm doing. Nothing more relaxing that cutting and hacking things up when you're tense lol.

One thing I'm cheery about though is Mark is FINALLY sorting out the old consoles in the garage. Its been a sore topic since he moved in really as he has boxes upon boxes of things he NEVER uses but really just liked to have. Ive made my peace that the warhammer is here for the duration but managed to convince him hes never going to play with his old spectrums and similar again. So hes going to sort them out and either give them to his brother or tip them. Woo hoo!! Bit more space in the garage. :) I was considering getting rid of more of the mege drive and snes games but as the kids are starting to get into playing them might have to keep them a while longer. lol

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