Thursday, 5 May 2011

Are we back to normality yet?

As my hubby always tells me I'm a creature of habit. So this month has completely messed up my system. lol. We've had bank holidays, birthdays, parties and my sister moving house. All happy events of course but very unsettling to my simple mind. :s As a result theres not much point in my doing a WOYWW as it looks the same as last week. lol. So instead a recap of my fun filled week. :)
On friday 29th, while most of the uk was celebrating the royal wedding I was busy celebrating the birth of my bestest boy. :) Love the bed head as he opens his new Mobigo game. lol

We were planning to take him to a local farm for the day but it was much colder than we thought so ended up going to see Rio at the cinema then home for pizza. Was actually a really good film. Didn't have much hope for it from the ads but enjoyed it. Cameron was in fits at the dog who had the fruit hat.
As Camerons birthday was the Friday, and Caitlins the following Tuesday we had a joint party on the sunday. Was a busy weekend as my sister moved house on the saturday so was helping her too. lol.
Had plenty of games planned for the older kids but what could entertain the baby? I know! A paddling pool full of balloons! 3 hours she was in there crawling about. lol Think my sister might be doing this in the future. lol

Opening gifts :)

Her very own Mobigo. This was actually a last minute gift we bought that morning in order to stop the HUGE rows over Camerons. lol

Playing pin the tail on the donkey. We thought the kids were all just really good at this as they all got really close. Mollie admitted later they could see out of the mask. cheaters! lol.

Playing the Pinata. This was so funny. I was surprised at how into it the kids got, seriously smashing the boat and crying when their turn was up! Took a little while as the boat was really sturdy but with a bit of adult help they managed it. lol

Mad scramble for sweets.

The cake. I was THRILLED with this cake. Was so much bigger than I expected and was very yummy too. The kids loved it and were so surprised to see their favourite characters on it.

Caitlin was quick to claim Timmy. Cameron was even quicker to claim Thomas and while I do have a picture of him eating it his face was smeared with black icing and it not an attractive photo so will just keep that one saved for now. lol

You'd think that would be it for parties but no. lol. As Caitlins birthday was on Tuesday we took her to nursery where they had a little party for her, then to cheeky monkees afterwards. She had a good time dispite being poorly with an ear infection bless her, so been relaxing pretty much since. Back to housework for me! Quite looking forward to it. lol


  1. Looks like they had a really great time. Look at all those balloons. Fab birthday cake.

  2. Aww glad they had a lovely day. I wouldnt mind playing in a paddling pool filled with balloons lol! Great cake too looks yummy xx

  3. fab photos :) Happy Birthday. Love the idea of the paddling pool and that cake is awesome


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