Monday, 16 May 2011

On the list today!

On the to do list today! Well its actually an easier day than I originally planned. I had planned to finish digging out the front garden but Mark had to go to his drs appointment earlier than we thought. And no way am I trying to do it with two hyper kids. lol. So thats been moved to tomorrow. So today we have:
- Sort out the HUGE pile of washing in my bedroom.
- Plant the plants I boguht the other day (thanks to my mum for giving me the ceramic pots)

- Hoover bedrooms and stairs.
- Tidy my desk! (might get some scrapping done then too!)

- Try and get the smell of smoke out of Marks leather compputer chair. We bought it second hand and by god does it stink. Explains why it was such a bargain really. Been advised to clean it with baby shampoo so going to give that a shot.
- Start packing and making lists for the holiday next week! I'm so excited about this. We're just going to Haven, gt yarmouth for a few days but will be a nice break. We got it on one of the deals from The Sun so was really cheap. I think I'm so excited as the kids have never stayed in a caravan before (well Cameron did but he was only 6 months, lol, dont think he'll remember) and I loved it when i was young. We couldnt afford fancy holidays so all ours were 'British holidays' and I loved them. :) Apprently we're getting a heatwave too so bonus!

Last on the list is -Catch up with friends blogs. I'm now shamefully behind. lol


  1. Have a lovely time at Haven. :)

  2. enjoy the holiday. perhaps leave the chair in the garden to air?


Thanks for your comments. :)