Friday, 13 May 2011

Tired but happy :)

The past two days have been a mad rush of shopping, cleaning, visits to the tip and sorting things out. But I'm at the point now where I'm starting to see a difference. :) Caitlins old bed is being collected this weekend (sold it to my sister :) ) garden is looking good and the garage is looking a lot more empty WOOOHOOO!!!! Also have the plastic weed sheet stuff for the front garden so once its level (hopefully sometime next week) I'll get that done :)I love it when I can step back and say 'it's done' and it STAYS done if you know what I mean, unlike the dishes or ironing. lol.
Anyway while we were shopping yesterday i found these in poundland. Bargain! they also had glitter thickers but I've got too many of those already.

Finished a layout too. :) Id made chocolate cornflakes cakes with Caitlin before but this was the first time she was really involved in it and loved eating the chocolate right out of the bowl. lol

Early night tonight. then more tip tomorrow. You'd think I wouldnt have anything left in the house considering how often I go there!

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