Sunday, 8 May 2011

Doing well so far. :)

My keeping on top of things resolution is doing well so far. :) Managing to stay on top of most things thoguh it is annoying how 'Sort washing' is on the list EVERY day. Dont know how 4 people go through a load of washing each day! Also been making menus which has helped with shopping and the daily 'what do you want for dinner? No dont look in 5 minutes because that means an hour just go look now' rows I have with my hubby. lol
However one thing I have fell behind with is visiting my granny. I usually go every tuesday but with Caitlins birthday this week then both kids getting poorly I havent been down. Unfortunatly with my sister moving and extra shifts my mum and sister havent been down either so shes in a big sulk with us. So this is my plan for tonight. :)

Friends dvd, headphones so can't hear kids and Sarahs cards march kit. :) I'm going to make her a layout of all the kids for her newly decorated room. She loves my scrapbooking (though she still has some potato printing I did as a toddler so I dont take it as TOO much of a complement. lol) so hoping she'll like this and might cheer her up a bit. :) Actually found this kit in my tote upstairs. Dont remember reciving it which is bad because its really, really pretty. Got to start scrapping again, too much pretty paper being neglected!

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