Saturday, 21 May 2011

double layout

I don't often do double layouts but when I saw these pictures I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. lol. The photos are both from when we did a sponsored walk with the kids for a children's charity. It was called 'The big toddle' and my two raised over £50. Proud mummy. :) Anyway, they had a magic show after the walk and Cameron helped do some of the tricks. Obviously Caitlin then wanted to do one too.
Now I love my daughter, don't get me wrong she's my princess, but she certainly takes after my grandad when it comes to attitude. Oe story always told about my grandad is when he was younger he was a rugby player. One game he hurt his leg, carried on playing. Wasn't until later they found out his leg was broken. lol. He says 'Well I wanted to finish the game, it's just a leg' Thats Caitlin all over, lol. She will do things when she wants, in her own time, and god help anyone who gets in her way. I'm just lucky shes a sweet kid and makes good choices otherwise I'd probably have tore my hair out by now. lol.
Anyway, back to the magic show, so as I said Cameron (whos much more laid back) had done the tricks as told and had fun, so up goes Caitlin. The man tells her he's going to draw a picture of her and then she has to pull the silk ribbon off the lid of a box. She turns to me with this look on her face which says 'Is he actually telling me what to do?!' (hence the title, lol) Then shouts at the man 'You didn't say please!' Everyone was in fits of laughter. lol.

Close up of the face. :) I think I'm going to take up drinking when she turns 13. lol

The other side of the layout is this photo of Mark and Cameron looking sympathetically at the magician. So the title. 'Sorry mate you've no chance' seemed fitting. lol.

I need to go around the letters with black pen, but as I've been needing to get one for weeks and havent got around to it yet thoguht I'd blog them now.
Well nearly all ready for the holiday next week. Got to go and try and get Caitlin something to help with travel sickness today. Not fond of the idea of giving her pills if I can help it but if its got to be done got to be done bless her. They're at a dads group thing at kingswood childrens center today so its so quiet without them!


  1. Great LO and cute subjects - I love the misting. Have a great weekend and enjoy your holiday. Ju x

  2. Two lovely layouts and yep think Caitlin is getting in practise for being a teenager LOL!!

    Karen x


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