Sunday, 29 May 2011

What a great week. )

Well that was a great week away! Admittedly the park wasn't too good. we arrived at the caravan to find a pillow in our room covered in blood and hair. Ewww. After complaining (and buying cleaning bits from the shop) we received an apology and £30 to spend in the pub restaurant. good job too as it was So expensive! A meal and drink each came to just under £40. lol. The 'Beach' across the road was just dunes and rocks and the 'bus stop just outside' was around 15 mins walk away. lol. If I had paid full price to go there I'd have been really angry but as it was a cheap deal from 'The Sun' we just got on with it. :)
First full day we had we abandoned the park and went into great yarmouth itself. The beach there was amazing. So clean and the sand was so soft. We were there pretty early so had the whole beach to ourselves which the kids loved and ran around like mad. Caitlin wasn't too fond of the sea though as it was a bit loud so hid behind Daddy.

Our kingdom we made. :)

On this holiday it was so obvious how much bigger the kids have got. On one hand I hate it as they're getting too big! On the other it's nice to be able to do more things with them. Mark loved showing Cameron how to play pool. Cameron took it so seriously and was thrilled when he potted a ball. :)

Obviously a trip to the beach isnt the same without a trip to the fair. We went to the pleasure beach and had a great time. :) If you go great yarmouth it's well worth it, a wristband and it entertains the kids for the whole day. Wasn't too bad a price either, only £50 for the lot of us. :) I didnt get many photos as obviously I was on the rides too but did get a picture of the kids with their ice creams. The cones were all dipped in different colour sugar which pleased Cameron no end as he could have blue. lol. Caitlin went for pink. Typical girl. lol

We also went to the sea life center which Caitlin really enjoyed. It surprised me as normally Camerons interested in the facts and figures of everything while Caitlin can't wait to move on. here it was different, caitlin asking lots of questions and wanting to see everything. particularly the catfish for some reason :s. We bought them both some pirate gear as a souvenir which they still love playing with. lol

Bowling, strike first time. lol

My fave picture of the week. :)

Well remember how I said I hated the kids growing up. Well on the last night that was so evident. Normally caitlins my baby, MY baby! I usually joke there was no point cutting the cord when she was born as she's never far away enough. lol. However on the last night she didnt want to dance with me and danced with some other girls. :( While the shows were on she wouldnt sit with us either and sat at the front with the girls. Ok so I could see her the whole time and she was fine but it didnt stop my heart being in my mouth. 'What if she fell, what if the girls were mean to her?' Seriously HOW do parents deal with this?! I tried bribing her with sweets and fizzy drinks to sit with us but nope. It reminded me of when I was a kid and went to summer camp. My mum tried EVERYTHING to get me to come home but I was fine. She wasn't lol. Funny how things turn out. lol


  1. great photos, looks like you had a great time.

  2. great photos, looks like you had a ball despite the initial problems.

  3. Just up the road from me! Glad it went well - eventually and YUK to the pillow!!

  4. looks like fun was had by all! x

  5. Ah sounds like you had a great time. I have a two year old and have all the same thoughts as you. What if... :p I have a soft spot for Great Yarmouth too. My Great Aunt lived in Oulton Broad and we spent a good few Summers there with day trips to Pleasure Woods Hills and Pleasure Beach. Thanks for the trip down memory lane :) x

  6. Looks like you had a fab time despite the yukky pillow and the beach.

    And actually G Yarmouth is now just known as Yarmouth in this house - we stopped there once on a boat - immediately got pounced on to pay a huge mooring charge before we had even got the boat tied up and they wanted a second charge if we wanted to stay the night and then another charge if we wanted water - in the end we just stopped one hour, long enough to do some shopping, we then moved on and ended up at a really nice pub with free moorings and water. My mum wrote to their town council when we got home to inform them of the loss of trade to the town caused by their steep charges and she also informed them that she had taken the 'Great' out of the town name LOL!!!! Needless to say they never replied to her.

    Karen x


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