Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Maybe I should tidy my desk.

On my to do list tonight is to start the HUGE ironing pile (can't ignore it much longer) and to go through and complete old albums. However since I can't actually GET to my desk right now I might need to tidy it a bit first.

If not theres always the couch! lol. I admit going through the albums should have been done a while ago. I have a bad habit of leaving layouts without journalling or a title then just piling them up in my 'to do' pile, getting bored of said 'to do' pile staring at me and just putting them into albums for attention later. Now have 9 albums so better start it. lol. This is album one and my box of alphas. :)

Marks at the hospital today for his check up so I've shamelessly bribed the kids with sweets and a movie (Alvin and the chipmunks 2) so I can get the housework done

Peace lasting longer than usual. They must be tired. lol
Thanks for all the comments on my list yesterday. :) I did some research into getting a chockywokkydodah cake and have been slightly put off by the reviews of horrible cakes, dirty cafe and mice seen in the kitchen! So decided to change that to
- make a fancy chocolate cake of my own.
I've always loved the ones with the chocolate curls around the edge so going to have a go tomorrow. :) It's my nieces first birthday Thursday (and I've got my second breast clinic appointment :( ) so perfect timing for a huge chocolate cake I think!

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  1. Good Luck with the ironing..i flipping HATE it and its taking over the house!


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