Monday, 30 May 2011

blogger driving me mad

Well today I had a HUGE pile of ironing to do, along with the living room floor to sweep and mop and a pile of forms to fill out for Camerons starting school. So of course I ignored all of that, blog hopped and made a list of 'things to do before I'm 30'. :) Which I actually only realised today was in 3 years. 3 years!!!! I thought I had 4, forgot I hadn't had a birthday yet this year. lol. So far on the list is:
- See a west end show
- Have a day where I do nothing but watch dvds and eat junk food.
- Finish the cross stitch height chart I started 6 years ago
- Have a family photo taken
- Go on a BIG family picnic
- Learn how to work my i-pod (no Mark it's NOT easy! lol)
- Get a tattoo
- Have a cake from choccywocky dodah
- Have a big party
- Finish the family recipe book I started for the kids.
- Take Caitlin ice skating
- Visit Ireland
- Stay in a haunted house
- Get to my target weight
- win a contest
- Go on a spa weekend
- Take kids to greece
- Visit Italy
- Take Caitlin to disney on ice
- Eat at one of Jamie Olivers restaurants
- Take the kids camping
SO not TOO much to fit into 3 years. lol. Some are easier than others and all the places I want to visit are probably NOT going to happen but worth a shot. :)
Ok so bucket lists aside blogger is doing my head in. From what I can gather theres been a problem with commenting for a little while now but obviously being away its just starting to annoy me now. lol. SO I am reading all your blogs and trying to post but wont always let me. :(
Ending on a happy note. :) Forgot to mention I found a great craft shop in great yarmouth. Could have spent a small fortune but was very reserved and just got this.

Been after one since I saw Karen use it on the twilight retreat earlier this year so very pleased to have one now. :) Sure it will be on a layout very soon!


  1. Great list Gemma. At least you have 3 years I have 3 weeks!!!

    Beautiful punch, remember to bring it next year xx

  2. you will be busy then, plenty to do

  3. I am WAY over 30 and only halfway down your list! You'd better get to it :)
    That punch is Gorgeous!

  4. Good luck on your bucket list. Don't put it off too long...I speak from experience as you might not have time to complete it.

    Great list by the way. Love the punch.

  5. Sounds like you're going to have a busy, although fun, 3 years! Good idea to make a list though.
    Glad you had a good holiday in the end, a change of scenery is always good, and that punch is gorgeous. Becky x

  6. That's a long list, have fun completing it.

  7. LOL Jess if she forgets I will probably have mine in my bag.

    Sorry to cause you to spend Gemma but you will love that punch - it is one of my faves!!

    Great list but don't worry about being 3 years off of 30 you young whippersnapper - you can worry when you are like me and are 3 years off of 50!!!

    Karen x


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