Monday, 8 August 2011

blogging from hubbys computer

My computer has been acting up for a while, showing a blue screen then restarting. Now its saying something about the grapics card so my more technically minded friends think I need a new one. So I'll be blogging from hubbys computer for the time being. :)
Down side of that is I don't have any photos on here yet, lol, so will be a typing post.
Yesterday I did a 12 mile walk in aid of a friends son who has duchenne muscular dystrophy. I ache a bit this morning but OMFG do my ankles hurt! I had 2 big blisters which this morning are a lot worse. I feel so guilty as we were supposed to be going to a park today with the kids but as I can barely walk not the best idea. lol. So I'm letting them run the show today. :) They've picked baking for this morning, picnic in the garden lunch then a 'cinima at home' afternoon. So lots of sweets and daft films I'm thinking. lol

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