Friday, 12 August 2011

When I get upset I get dangerous

More on the title in a moment. lol. On Sunday I took part in a 12 mile walk to raise money for a friends son who has muscular dystophy. The walking part was fine as I walk lots anyway, but about halfway through it became very clear I needed new trainers. OMG the blisters! Theres a bit on the back of one of them where the fabric has wore off and the plastic was rubbing against my heel. By the end my shoe was covered in blood. ow! But I did it so was pleased with myself. :) Felt so guilty the next day though as we were supposed to be takign the kids to a nature park, but as I couldnt put my shoes on for the pain that was right out. lol. So we asked them what they wanted to do instead. They picked baking in the morning, lunch in a resturant and a cinima afternoon at home. :) Easy enough :) So baking came first.

After making Dora and Thomas cakes, and playing in the bath to get rid of all the icing I let them pick what to wear to lunch. Caitlin LOVES this outfit as it comes with a 'crown' how cute does she look! They both looked so sweet I had to take some photos.

Too grown up.


We went to the Harvester for lunch. They both love it there because of the free salad. They love going out to dinner really, not sure what that says about my cooking. lol. Nice picture of me and Caitlin. :)

Now back to the title. Well when I get upset or worried I either cook or clean. Lately things outside of my house have been daft. Sister getting into more trouble, Mum and I not even talking (which will make Turkey interesting!) Well the freezers full so cooking was out, so I went to cleaning. From Marks perspective, this is even worse, lol. He knows I'll get something into my head and won't let it go. When he was first admitted to hospital for his illness I ripped the worksurface and plumbing out of the utility room, repainted it, and replaced the lot. Keeps me busy but works out pricy for him. lol. As we're skint atm I'm having to be more creative (and stay away from the catalogs! lol) so this week I've redid the hallway and reearranged the living room. Also had a anothe big declutter and clearout. :) Seriously need a trip to the tip but liking the results. :)
Also been doing some scrapping but cameras dead so will need to share that tomorrow. lol


  1. Those pictures are so cute. It's good that you do something so positive when things around you are negative. Next time you're feeling upset or angry you can come over to mine with your tool belt and paint brushes, you sound very handy to have around :) x

  2. Gemma - love your pictures - your kids are adorable! And so productive on the layout front. Take care of yourself - and lots of cleaning etc to do here, too!


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