Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My workdesk. :)

Ok so after about the 18th clear out I'm happy with my desk. :) For the moment anyway. lol.
I've had to be a bit ruthless, and pick the dies, punches, mists etc I use the most, and put these out and the rest in boxes under the desk or in drawers. While the OCD part of me hates having some punches in one area and some in another it does mean I use the ones which are out more.

LOVE these! Mark bought some for his spare warhammer bits and bobs (the two on the left) and I thought they were great so bought a couple for myself. :) £5 each, bargain!

This is the main part of my desk. note the cuttlebug and Slice now both close to hand. :) Also have my mini ipod player by my monitor. Not used the ipod in months though so really need to update the music on it. lol

And the best bit, I'm no longer shoved behind the couch!!! I've always hated that so rearranged the living room so the couch is now on the other side of the room. Love it, opens it up so much more. :) Poor hubby had to put a load of his stuff in the garage as the couch no longer hid it all (those white dwarf magazines going next lol) but I'm well pleased. :)

Well poor camerons off nursery with chicken pox. :( He had a bit of a temp and sneezing Monday night but was full of beans next morning so sent him in thinking he was fine. Got a call a few hours later, covered in spots! Felt so guilty but apart from one on his tummy he says hurts he seems fine with it. :) He was more worried about his nipples disappearing as he has one spot next to one and I put cream on it to 'make the spots disappear' and he panicked thinking his nipples would go too! Bless him. lol


  1. Aw bless him. My little one calls his nipples his 'spots' as well :) Your work space is looking great.

  2. Hope cameron is better soon- your work place looks great ( i wish I could say the same for mine!!)

  3. Love your craft area its stunning :)

  4. Oh bless, that is so sweet, hope he feels better soon. Your craft room looks lovely (and tidy:))

  5. Your desk looks great there Gemma! part of me wishes I had a desk in our living room but part of me likes it where it is...

    Hope little man is better soon too
    L x

  6. Love your tidy desk, looks fab. Hope the little guy is better soon.


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