Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Well Monday was ironing and housework, Tuesday was social services meetings with sister (argh!) and dr with a chickenpox covered, very feverish caitlin! Today..... well I'll see how it goes then share todays plan! However, thanks to my lovely supportive hubby I've managed to fit in some reading and scrapping so not all bad. :) Hopefully going to do some more tonight as feeling creative but considering its 10am and I'm struggling to keep my eyes open I'm not so sure, lol. So on my desk at the moment are two sets of papers I;m currently working with. The pile in the plastic bag is this months Sarahs cards kit, which I surprising love as it's not the kind of thing I'd buy for myself iykwim. But I suppose that's a good thing about kits. :) The pile underneath is LOTS of American crafts papers. I love these as while they're all different ranges they all go together really well. have loads of them though so trying to put a bit of a dent in it. lol.

Well as I said I've managed some scrapping. :) Before Caitlin got sick we've been treating the kids by letting them 'camp out' which basically means letting them take their matresses downstairs, making a 'tent' from bedsheets and the couch and sleeping in it :) Obviously I don't like them sleeping down there alone so had a couple of late nights at my desk and sleeping on the couch! Both of these are scraplifts from the DT booklet but cant remember who so sorry! (I know I'm dreadful for that)
LOVE this photo of my two and Mollie at Disney this year. :) All trying to pull the sword form the stone. :) Think it was one of my favorites from the week.

This 'love disney' ribbon is actually from some pjs Mark bought me a few christmas' ago. Kept it for an occasion just such as this :) lol

Another disney one :) Now every now and again I decide I have too much of one type of ebellishments, buttons, ribbon etc, so I'll get the box of whatever it is out and try and use a bit on each layout. This time it's bling. I've got a big bag of all kids of it but usually love it too much to use! Managed to use a bit on these two and another two I did though. Still got plenty left! lol

Used some pins too, and a bling swirl. that was hard, lol. Usually just keep those to look at!

Well I've got to make a Thank you card tonight. Not great at cards so nervous but will give it a go. Its Camerons last day at nusery tomorrow. He's been going since he was 9 months so going to get some chocs to say thanks. Then he starts school next week, next week!! Can't belive my baby is starting school! I'm gonna be a mess. lol. Is it too early to start on the wine? lol.


  1. Beautiful LO's, loving that you saved the ribbon from your Christmas jammies, I'm exactly the same, things off crackers, tissue paper from the gift wrap, if you can hoard it I probably do!

  2. Great layouts- Mad woman sleeping on the couch! you must be shattered.

  3. Lovely layouts Gemma, glad other people save ribbons and things like that! lol Aaaw good luck with school next week, I am a nervous wreck too because Kieran starts high school next week gulp!

  4. Love the bright colours of these layouts!!


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