Thursday, 18 August 2011

Layout, just the one. lol

I did do 3 last night but in the light of day I don't like two so going to change them. lol. Think I was distracted as I was watching twilightat the same time. lol.
Was planning on finishing them both off today but bloody sister kicked up again and I had to go get the girls off her. Well I say off her she'd dissapeared in the middle of the night and left them with her ex who was none too pleased. On the bright side the older two have gone to thier dad and the youngest will be with ym mum as social services now agree she's an unfit mother. So at least things are moving forward. :)
Anyway, during my clearout I found a load of American crafts papers I forgot I had. Just after christmas my local TK maxx had a load of American crafts kits with papers, embellies and an album for £5. Now while I didnt really need the papers I did need the album refills which are £6 on their own, so -£1 and I got papers and bits, no brainer really. lol. I love american crafts papaers as they're really bright and versitile I think. :) So this is the first one, Nice and simple one of the kids at disneyland.

Well I did start this post hours ago but have sense been to sisters and had abuse hurled at me. Time for some New moon and chocolate me thinks :)


  1. Great layout, I love finding things I've forgotten about. I hope the chocolate helped with your stressful day x

  2. At least you've had a lovely memory of a great time in amongst all the other stress going on .... what a great sister you are!


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