Wednesday, 3 August 2011

More layouts. :)

I've noticed recently my style of scrapping has changed. I used to scrap really quickly but without a huge amount of detail as, if I'm honest, I couldnt be bothered. lol. I was more quantity than quality. I think the amount of stash needing to be used and photos needing to be scrapped was quite daunting. However lately I've been trying new, more time consuming things and I love it! This is a perfect example. lol. This was scraplifted from Rachael Elliot in the SC design booklet. The edge around the circle was made by punching strips of paper, then carefully sticking them around the edge. Was fiddly and took a while but looks great I think. :)

Little details like wrapping twine and a charm around the frame I wouldnt have done before either, plus I've always been too scared to use my bling as its so pretty and I didnt want to waste it! So lots of walls broken down in this layout. lol. Plus it didn't take me too much longer than usual. Usually its about an hour for one layout, this one was only about an hour 45. :) Love the title 'Hats love' Mark actually came up with it, hes good with titles for some reason. lol

This is the birthday card Cameron and Caitlin 'made' for me for my birthday. I don't usually scrap them as they make me so much (and daddy obviously made this more than them, lol) but inside they both wrote their names all by themselves! so certainly worth scrapping I think. :)

Well on Sunday we went to the car boot sale. Not been in ages and took a picnic so we could play in the park afterwards. Managed to pick up a few toys for chirstmas and this hungry hungry hippos. Now while my ears regret buying it the kids certinaly love it! lol

Ok well off to rockingham castle to help out with a sure start picnic today. Cameron didn't want to go so its just me and Caitlin. Hopefully the weather will stay dry!


  1. Lovely Lo's Gemma. I'm the same style as you in that I dont do alot of detailing and embellishing probably cos I'm scared to go too mad even though I love other peoples Lo's with it on. Hope you had fun at Rockingham, you must tell me what its like, we keep saying we'll go but have never been unless you count the Raceway lol! xx

  2. That is a beautiful Lo, well worth the extra time you spent on all the little details. Great b'day card too :)

  3. Beautiful layouts, I love that you scrapped the card and well done for being brave and changing your style :)


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