Monday, 22 August 2011

Past few days

I'm SO busy at the moment, between phone calls, finding information and day to day housework barely get a minute! I don't mind though, all for a Good reason plus I thrive on being busy, get too bored if theres nothing to do. lol. On that note I'm off to the town this afternoon to meet up with another mum from Netmums. Her son is starting school the same time as Cameron so I'm going to get some shopping then meet her for a coffee. :) Got to get ready so thought I'd do a quick photo post to recap the past few days. :)
Made 'magic hot dog pasta' for the kids. Cameron hates pasta so when I saw this idea on pintrest I thought it was worth a shot! Its basically dried spaghetti pushed through cut up hot dogs, then cooked. He actually had seconds! Will be making it again :)

Took care of Lillie. Was nice having a baby in the house. Forgot how hard naptime was though, lol. She was so tired but refused to give in, she'd lie quietly for a moment, I'd think she was asleep, then she'd giggle, look up and say 'hiya!' lol

Calmed the children with chocolate biscuits and 'Curious george' on tv so I could tidy up a bit. :)

Oh well, at least one is smiling.

Well tomorrow Marks at hospital and kids are at nursery so have the House to myself. :) Hopefully get the housework done today so can chill out a bit :)


  1. I hope things are settling down now Gemma, love the idea for the spaghetti, will have to try it one day! :)

  2. You have been busy and those pasta sausages look great :)


Thanks for your comments. :)