Friday, 26 August 2011

got to calm down now. lol

ok so I've gone a bit mental this week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday I've been up town *ahem* Christmas shopping. Ok so I know theres a lot of people who would cheerfully have me lynched for that but I needed some retail therapy and except for the new shoes I bought Caitlin, and the new kettle I got we didn't need anything! Didn't want to buy things just for the sake of it so went a bit mad getting toys for the kids. Now finished for the kids and got a couple of bits for Mark so feeling good about that :) Wont when the credit card bill comes in but hey ho will deal with that then. lol
Haven't done much scrapping lately as have been reading more but did this one of the kids at the farm. The wooden bunny sticks are plant pot labels the kids made. Not going to use them as don't do much gardening so thought id use them here. :)

Drama with my sister is ongoing so still helping take care of Lillie. :)

Well tonight Camerons at my mums and Marks making himself scarce so just me and my girly :) Lots of princess films and cuddles I think. :)


  1. Nice photo's. I wish I could be organised and get my Xmas shopping done early. My problem is I never know what to get anyone.

  2. wow xmas shopping already, makes sence in a way though as we always end up more or less last minute and then struggle to get what we want or with ideas where as through out the yr it seems were constantly coming across items but then because we don't get them then and there we misout and it ends up back at the drawing bored.

    lovely LO by the way :)

  3. Well done on getting the Christmas shopping out of the way early. I love that layout and the bunny sticks are so cute


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