Sunday, 14 August 2011


Saturday was my monthly crop. I havent been in a while but forced myself to go this month and really pleased I did. :) wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be and had a great time. I also managed 6 layouts using an old kit. ut first a couple of layouts I did at home the night before. Photos arn't great as I still havent charged my camera yet so these were tkane with my phone. lol
Photo of Caitlin from christmas. The black paper is actually black glittered which wile looks great NOTHING will stick to! lol, actually had to use a glue gun to make the paper stick. Made it a bit 3d though which ended up looking cool.

This was taken after 'dads group' one week. they had made their own pizza and Caitlin was covered in the sauce! ended up having to throw away her top but the jacket got clean. lol. Love her face here so used the title 'Hello, I'm eating here!'

These are some I did at the crop, I used Septembers Sarahs cards kit which was Jillybean soup. I usually don't like their papers as they're a bit more muted than my usual choices but loved these layouts. Also LOVE the spotty thickers. got to find more of these :) This is an old layout of the kids at Butlins dancing with Barney. :)

One of the papers was covered in lots of little birdhouses which was perfect to cut out for this layout. This was when we went to see santa last christmas. He was at a large garden center and I was amazed at how many birds had flown inside and were eating all the food for sale. lol. They were so tame too, kids would just walk up to them and stroke them.

This is another photo from Butlins with the layout scraplifted from Rachel in the SC booklet. I think I might have scrapped this photo before, but as she fell asleep more then once might have been a different night! lol.

I did do more layouts that this but the rest need finishing touches, like titles or outlining so will share tomorrow. :)
Enjoyed using this kit, not used kits in a while as had so many odd bits and bobs to use up.

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  1. I love them all, they're really great layouts. You did well, I only managed 2 layouts at my crop :)


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